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T-Shirts are sleeveless or collarless short-sleeved garments usually made up of cotton. It adds a good look to the wearer ad it a casual and cool dress. T-Shirts are worn by kids, men and also by women. It is widely accepted allover as economical casual wear. T-Shirts are also used as a sports wear.

Among the articles of clothing, T-Shirt is much cheaper. Slowly it became a mode of expression by the wearer to display their social affiliations or interest to public. Then it turned as a walking billboard with funny t-shirts and provocative t- shirts to inspire reactions or to make a humorous image or graphics or to air simple or shocking or controversial statements.

T-Shirts was initially used as underwear, but with its cheap rates and new means for designers to present their creative talents, it has turned into a regular wear.
T Shirt T Shirt T Shirt
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